4 Common Tree Disturbances

Some trees can live up to 5,000 years. That said, a tree’s life isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are numerous disturbances that, according to Trees For Life, “allow the flow of nutrients and energy through the ecosystem and are driving forces of evolution.”

Here are five common tree disturbances worth knowing:



We love our aspen trees here in Colorado. But what actually happens when this species becomes impacted by fires? Interestingly, an aspen’s root system can survive below the soil, ready to send up more suckers soon after above-ground vegetation burns.

This helps aspen trees grow pretty much free of competition. Now, we’re certainly not saying that fires are actually beneficial to trees. The point we want to get across is that trees, much like humans, have an incredible ability to come back after devastation.


Believe it or not, flooding can serve as a valuable ecological function. While floodwater may kill a number of trees, it also leaves an opening in the canopy when the water retreats. Such a natural disaster can even transport nutrients to different parts of the forest.


If you just recently moved to Northern Colorado, you better get accustomed to the wind. The same holds true with newly planted trees. As you can see for yourself in the aforementioned Trees For Life resource, “Trees in very exposed situations, or on the forest edge will often take on gnarled, stunted or windswept forms, and these sometimes act as a protective barrier to trees in the forest interior.”

So, yes, the wind has a chronic effect on trees.

Insect damage and disease

Here’s another agent of natural disturbance. Today, there are more than 50 diseases that can wreak havoc on trees and plants. These diseases can be caused by a fungus, improper care, or pests.

Let’s turn our attention to your trees for a moment. Even though this is the time of year when leaves are changing, does your tree just not look right for some reason? Then you may want to do some initial research on what could be the culprit.

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