Best Trees To Plant In Colorado

Trees in Colorado are some of the toughest in the nation. They have to battle hot summer days, gusty winds, freezing cold temperatures, and on top of that, snow. That said, there are a number of tree species that thrive in this kind of climate. Keep reading to check out some of the best trees to plant in the Centennial state, as explained in this article from The Denver Post.

  1. Chinkapin oak – Some oaks do well in Colorado while others struggle mightily. The Chinkapin oak grows into a 40-foot-tall tree with a rounded canopy, making it a beautiful addition to any yard. It has narrow, glossy, dark green leaves to pair with sweet, edible acorns.
  2. Sycamore – Tree doctors would agree that the sycamore makes the perfect family tree. Not only are these trees hardy and attractive, but they also have seed pods for the kids to enjoy.
  3. Kentucky coffeetree – It’s important to be patient with this species considering it’s a bit unsightly when young. However, it’s well worth the wait. Just note that the Kentucky coffeetree requires a bit of maintenance in the fall when seed pods cover the ground. One last thing about this one: the seeds, leaves, and pulp from this tree are toxic to humans and animals.
  4. Tricolor beech – This tree truly provides a purple mountain majesty. The Tricolor beech shows off during summertime with purple leaves edged in pink and white. Especially when touched by the sun, this species bursts with incredible color.
  5. Bosnian pine – There’s no doubt we love our evergreens here in Colorado. That said, evergreens tend to take up most of the yard. If you’d prefer something a bit smaller, plant a Bosnian pine. It’s a slow-growing, smaller tree that’s ideal for smaller houses and yards.
  6. Mulberries – Few trees can survive the heat and drought of the Western Slope. Mulberries are one exception. Their glossy, waxy leaves help them survive the most brutal dry stretches in the area.
  7. Bur oaks – The roots of Bur oaks can sink into the poor soil with little to no effort. As with Mulberries, this species can also handle periods of drought. Be prepared for squirrels, though, as Bur oaks carry an abundance of acorns.

How Our Arborist Can Help

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