Deep Tree Root Fertilization

Deep Tree Root Fertilization: What You Need To Know

Trees are a critically under-appreciated aspect of our natural environment. However, they really stand out with importance when they surround and sit within human infrastructure. Whether it’s a crowded sidewalk that is peppered with beautiful Aspens, or a neighborhood street that showcases a hallway of beautifully changing leaves during the fall, the contrast they offer with human-made materials is a sight to see.

This is equally the case for a homeowner with trees surrounding their property. For any homeowner, these trees are a staple of your property’s aesthetic. They provide a natural and visual supplement to the larger design of your house in your yard, they offer shade, beautiful colors with changing leaves, and an earthly health to other plants and animals that live in the area. But as naturally as they seem to sprout up and maintain by themselves, there is a cost with living near and within human infrastructure. With all the concrete, metal, and other “unnatural” materials that surround them in a suburban environment, they can struggle to get the stuff they need to keep healthy and strong. And that’s where deep tree root fertilization from a trusted local arborist like Schra Tree Care can come in.

Deep tree root fertilization offers a concentrated and highly effective way to supplement the trees around your area with the nutrients they need to not only survive, but thrive, no matter what type of tree or what kind of condition it is in. But to get the high-quality deep tree root fertilization your trees need, you need a local tree care expert that you can trust to get the job done. Schra Tree Care is just that, having provided Loveland and the surrounding areas with quality tree and arborist services for over 30 years. Owned by Chris and Kurt Schra, the duo can boast over 58 years of combined arborist and tree service experience, so you know you are getting quality when you work with Schra. Keep reading to learn a bit more about deep tree root fertilization, and how this service can provide your trees with the sustenance they need.

Why Deep Tree Root Fertilization?

You may have heard of deep tree root fertilization, but you might not know exactly what it entails. Deep tree root fertilization is surprisingly self-explanatory, and it involves supplying the deeper lying roots of a tree with the nutrients and fertilizer they need as an organism. This isn’t a necessary thing that all trees need though. Many trees get the natural nutrients, water, and sunlight they need from their existence in their natural environment.

But trees that root within human populated areas with human made infrastructure are not living in their optimal natural environment. A big part of proper fertilization for trees and tree roots is the natural fertilizer of decomposing leaves and natural debris that lays on the ground surrounding the tree and tree roots, and seeps into the soil. However, the ground that sits above and around tree roots in human populated areas is often covered with cement or asphalt, making it impossible for these trees to access this natural fertilizer they normally would have access to.

Even without the negative effects of modern infrastructure, deeply rooted tree roots can still struggle with improper nutrition and getting the nutrients they need. This is especially the case when these trees live in an area with unpredictable and sometimes severe weather patterns, like Loveland and the surrounding Front Range area. Deep tree root fertilization is like a concentrated vaccine at the source where it is needed. The motivation behind it is the same motivation you would have to aerate your lawn; the soil is opened up which allows more oxygen, healthy bacteria, and much-needed nutrients to seep deep below the surface where it is needed.

What Is Deep Tree Root Fertilization?

Whether you have a naturally healthy and growing tree that is surrounded by roads and sidewalks, a diseased tree that needs all of the nutrients it can get, or a tree that you simply would like to supplement and its growth, deep tree root fertilization can help. The process of deep tree root fertilization involves mixing up a solution of water, tree nutrients, and fertilizer that is specific to the species of tree and what it specifically needs to thrive.

This solution is put into a high pressure spraying tool, which is then inserted into the ground surrounding the tree where its roots lie, and injected into the soil, making the soil right around the deep-lying roots full of the nutrients that the tree needs. If it is a certified arborist performing the deep tree root fertilization (which our team at Schra Tree Care has plenty of), they can even inject this highly effective solution directly into the deep line tree roots themselves, providing an even more concentrated and effective form of fertilization. This is especially effective as it also mitigates the effects of severe weather, like wind blowing off the necessary nutrients from the surface or cold weather causing severe damage.


Deep Tree Root Fertilization In Loveland – Schra Tree Care

Trees are some of the most beautiful and stoic pieces of nature that we have the pleasure and privilege of living with in our everyday lives. Whether it’s a forest in your backyard, or your home street being a hallway of natural and beautiful trees, these natural beauties are easy to take for granted. But all types of trees in all conditions could use more care and love to maintain their stoic health and beauty. Deep tree root fertilization is the solution for maintaining this health and beauty. This simple service provides the exact supplemental nutrition these trees need to not only survive, but thrive. It’s a simple yet highly effective form of tree care, one that we are proud to provide at Schra Tree Care. Contact us today and see how our deep tree root fertilization service can provide the trees on your Loveland property with the sustenance they need.