Loveland’s Tree Care Checklist For Fall

August is winding down, which means the kids are headed back to school and the summer temperatures are starting to cool. Though homeowners tend to look at this time as the most important when it comes to landscaping, the truth is that fall is arguably more critical. Keep in mind that autumn allows us to catch many tree health and safety problems. Since leaves will be falling in a matter of weeks, homeowners have a much easier time identifying any issues that may have been hiding in the summer growth. Keep reading for our fall tree care checklist.

  1. Monitor each tree for unstable roots, weak limbs, and structural hazards – We had a few major storms this summer in Northern Colorado and your trees may have been hit pretty hard. Take a look to ensure that they’re still growing the way they should. Keep in mind that now is a good time to start thinking about tree trimming/pruning.
  2. Look for disease and damage – Be sure to remove limbs and branches that show any disease or damage to keep it from spreading. At Schra Tree Care in Loveland, it’s our mission to keep the city’s trees structurally strong and beautiful. As your trusted arborist, we understand the signs of various diseases, including the emerald ash borer. We are proud to offer pest and disease control and work to get your tree’s health back on track.
  3. Remove problem trees – Unfortunately, there’s only so much that a certified arborist can do. Our tree service professionals will only suggest tree removal as a last resort. We advise homeowners to please hold off attempting to remove trees on their own. Those without the proper equipment or experience risk injury to themselves, their trees, and nearby structures. You can feel comfortable knowing that Schra Tree Care uses only the most proven techniques and professional equipment when removing dead or unsafe trees.
  4. Fertilize stressed trees – Over the course of a hot summer, a tree loses quite a bit of nutrients. Keep in mind that a slow release fertilizer can replace those nutrients and give the tree a much-needed boost as temperatures cool. Look to see if your tree’s leaves are wilted or if it loses its leaves too soon. In either of these cases, feel free to fertilize.
  5. Plant new trees – A lot of folks don’t realize that autumn is the perfect time to plant new trees. Why? Well, the cooler temperatures mean less stress for new trees. Plus, planting early in the fall gives them the chance to establish their roots during the dormant winter season.

Get In Touch With Our Arborist

With the number of local tree services in Colorado, how do you know which one is right for you? Our team at Schra Tree Care has been serving Loveland residents for several decades, so homeowners can trust that we will provide top-notch services in care, maintenance, and removal of urban trees. Customers appreciate that we go above and beyond the basic maintenance services in order to protect the health, strength, and long-term vitality of all your trees.

If you could use some help with your tree care this fall, give us a call today.