1. Tree Care: Working Safely and Effectively Around Power Lines

    Now that the calendar has turned to May, it’s time to get out in the yard again. There are flowers to plant and trees to trim. However, before you go crazy with tree maintenance, we want to provide a refresher on working safely around power lines. Here are five tips you should absolutely consider …Read More

  2. How to Make Trees Healthier This Spring

    Part of what makes trees so great is that they’re usually low-maintenance. As opposed to most plants and flowers, trees take care of themselves for the most part. Notice we said ‘for the most part.’ Now is the time of year where trees could use a little extra attention and assistance. Keep rea…Read More

  3. What to Know About Deep Tree Root Fertilization

    It’s certainly been an abnormally dry winter and start to spring in Colorado. As of now, the state’s mountain snowpack sits at just 72 percent of where we should be at this time. Barring any major swings in the weather pattern, we’re likely looking at yet another major drought this summer. Tha…Read More

  4. How Trees Boost Property Value

    There are countless benefits to having trees in your yard. For one thing, studies show that trees improve health, lower anxiety, and decrease the amount of crime in neighborhoods. Another obvious plus is that they work wonders for the environment. But what about the relationship between trees and pr…Read More

  5. What Caused Emerald Ash Borers to Appear in the U.S.?

    It’s pretty amazing the amount of damage an exotic beetle can cause. Of course, we’re talking about the Emerald Ash Borer. This seemingly innocent insect was first spotted in southeastern Detroit in the summer of 2002. Ever since, the EAB has killed millions of ash trees in North America. In thi…Read More

  6. What is Arboriculture?

    In a previous blog post, we looked at what an arborist can do. Our tree doctor wants to piggyback off that and discuss arboriculture in this one. Simply put, arboriculture is all about nurturing trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Maybe you’re thinking, “Isn’t that gardening for trees basic…Read More

  7. What Can an Arborist Do?

    There are countless tree services in Northern Colorado. Many of them claim to have a certified arborist on staff in an attempt to lure more customers. But the word “arborist” shouldn’t just be thrown around blindly. The International Society of Arboriculture states that an arborist “is an in…Read More

  8. Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Arborist

    Your trees have had better days. So you decide it would make sense to get in touch with a local tree service. The majority of homeowners don’t realize, however, that not all tree doctors are the same. Some have been industry experts for decades while others have no expertise whatsoever. That’s w…Read More

  9. Does My Tree Have the Emerald Ash Borer?

    In previous blog posts, we’ve explained the ins and outs of the emerald ash borer. This common pest in Northern Colorado may not seem like a nuisance at first glance. However, the small green jewel beetle certainly packs a punch. Native to northeastern Asia, the emerald ash borer feeds on ash tree…Read More

  10. Northern Colorado’s Winter Tree Care Checklist

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s a good chance you’re finishing up raking leaves. Many homeowners see this time of year as a chance to forget about their trees until springtime. That shouldn’t be the case, though. Now is the time to prep those trees for what’s expected to be…Read More