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Protecting Outdoor Plants in the Summer Heat

With the summer heat in full blast, make sure you’re keeping your outdoor plants and trees healthy and protected.

Our team at Schra Tree Care in Fort Collins is here to help. Read through our blog for some tips on keeping your yard healthy and green, and contact our team for reliable, local plant and tree service!

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Protecting Outdoor Plants

There are a lot of different factors that can affect the health of the plants and trees outside your home. But with the heat ramping up in Fort Collins, there are some steps you can take to keep your outdoor garden happy and hydrated.

Water Your Yard in the Morning

Just like with humans, “drinking” water first thing in the morning provides many different health benefits. During a hot day, heat will quickly pull moisture out of the soil, dehydrating your plants. When you water them in the early morning, they’re starting the day with water, preventing heat stress throughout the day.

On top of that, early morning watering reduces the amount of water lost during evaporation, ensuring that your plants are getting all of the water they need.

Apply Mulch

Adding a barrier of mulch around your plants protects the soil from the sun, keeping that soil moist and reducing the amount of moisture that is evaporated.

Keep a Longer Lawn

A lawn that’s at least three inches tall will provide extra protection for the soil, reducing evaporation on hot days. A minimum of three inches will start providing shade while some homeowners will keep their grass closer to six inches to provide the best protection for the soil.

Don’t Overwater Your Plants

While it’s tempting to overwater your plants when the weather has been warmer, overwatering can cause just as much harm as underwatering. Plant leaves can start to wilt when overwatered, leaving those leaves vulnerable to sun exposure.

Add Shade

From planting a large tree to adding plant shades or umbrellas to your lawn, providing shade during heat waves can help prevent burns and wilting plants.

Move Potted Plants

Potted plants are a great way to add color to your yard. But when the temperatures are climbing, move your potted plants towards the house or out of full sunlight.

Opt for Heat-Tolerant Plants

If you have an area of your yard that gets full sun exposure or you know that you’re looking towards a hot summer, you can always opt for plants that thrive in the summer heat.

Schedule Plant & Tree Care

Make sure your plants and trees have the nutrients they need to flourish. Have an experienced arborist out to take a look at your garden and help with any health care they need!

Choose Schra Tree Care

When it comes to summer heat, make sure you’re doing the most to protect your outdoor plants and trees. If you have any questions about proper protection or our plant and tree services, contact Schra Tree Care in Fort Collins. We can help with everything from plant and tree care to pest and disease control.

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