What Is Arboriculture?

In a previous blog post, we looked at what an arborist can do. Our tree doctor wants to piggyback off that and discuss arboriculture in this one. Simply put, arboriculture is all about nurturing trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Maybe you’re thinking, “Isn’t that gardening for trees basically?” To a point, yes. Arboriculture looks at how trees grow and respond to their environments, as well as the techniques used to cultivate them. The job of an arborist is to execute those techniques used to maintain trees. Keep reading to learn more.

The History Of Arboriculture

It’s believed that early Egyptians transplanted trees with a ball of earth and began the practice of shaping the soil around a newly planted tree. Doing so allowed them to form a saucer that would retain water. Pretty cool, right? But that’s not the only historical example of arboriculture practice. In 300 B.C., the Greek philosopher Theophrastus wrote what’s known as “Inquiry Into Plants,” where he explained the transplanting of trees and the treatment of tree wounds. Today, arboriculture remains an incredibly important field. Arborists are responsible for keeping our trees healthy, beautiful, and free of disease.

Why Take Care Of Your Trees?

Now that you know about arboriculture, let’s dive into the importance of tree maintenance. When was the last time you took a long look at your trees? For whatever reason, we tend to forget that trees are living, breathing creatures. Maybe it would be easier if you thought of them as an investment. Keep in mind that good landscaping can increase a property’s value by 20 percent in some cases. So if you have any dead, diseased, or storm-damaged trees, they’re only serving as eyesores to prospective homebuyers. This where an experienced arborist comes into play. He or she will be able to perform the following based on the state of your trees:

How Our Arborist Can Help

At Schra Tree Care in Loveland, we have plenty of expertise in arboriculture. Our Northern Colorado tree service is proud to provide comprehensive plant health care you can depend on with every visit. Plus, we are Loveland’s preferred certified arborist. What’s the reason you may ask? For one thing, we understand the growth patterns and nutritive needs of Colorado’s urban forest. With nearly 60 years of combined experience, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen everything with trees along the Front Range.

Schra Tree Care is a locally owned and operated business that goes to work for you. Rest assured that our tree doctor will go out on a limb for you so that your tree can maintain its beauty and longevity.

Now is the perfect time to learn more about tree health. With spring quickly approaching, our team will have your trees in tip-top shape by the time warm weather returns. See what Schra Tree Care can do for you.

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