What To Know About Deep Tree Root Fertilization

It’s certainly been an abnormally dry winter and start to spring in Colorado. As of now, the state’s mountain snowpack sits at just 72 percent of where we should be at this time. Barring any major swings in the weather pattern, we’re likely looking at yet another major drought this summer. That’s not exactly good news for trees. How can you feel confident that your trees are getting the level of nutrients and water they need when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating? At Schra Tree Care in Loveland, we have a potential solution in what’s known as deep tree root fertilization. Keep reading to learn more.

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Why Consider Deep Tree Root Fertilization?

Lack of precipitation isn’t the only reason to consider this treatment for your trees. Think about the environment around your trees for a moment. We’re willing to guess they’re surrounded by concrete sidewalks, driveways, etc. Not surprisingly, modern development makes it difficult for trees to access the water and nutrients they need to thrive in Colorado. That’s why Schra invests so heavily in deep tree root fertilization. Here’s the thing: This treatment can forcefully pump the essential supplements far into the soil. Basically, deep tree root fertilization opens up the soil, allowing oxygen, water, healthy bacteria, and other nutrients to get down to the roots and make their way to the rest of the tree. Pretty cool, right?

Does Deep Tree Root Fertilization Make Sense For Your Trees?

It’s important to know that this service is most helpful for mature trees with extraordinarily large, deep roots. However, even if your trees don’t fit that description, we are still more than happy to discuss the possibility of root fertilization. The fact is that this treatment can help promote the healthy growth of any size or type of tree.

How Deep Tree Root Fertilization Works

The process is pretty straightforward. Our arborist uses a high-pressure tool that injects water, fertilizer, and species-specific nutrients into the soil so that it can reach the root system directly. We are often asked how deep root fertilization differs from surface fertilization. The main thing is that unlike surface fertilization, deep root fertilization is not subject to rain, wind, and other elements.

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There are plenty of scammers out there who claim to be ‘tree doctors.’ Don’t fall into the trap and wind up hiring someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Here at Schra, we’ve been handling plants and trees in Colorado for more than three decades. It’s safe to say that we’ve seen a thing or two in this ever-changing industry. What makes Schra different is that we understand the specific growth patterns and nutritive needs of the state’s urban forest. Not only that, but we have a passion for keeping trees healthy and beautiful year-round.

Rather than call just any tree service, we invite you to see what our team at Schra can do for you. Our certified arborist does everything from tree trimming and tree removal to pest and disease control and deep root fertilization.

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