At Schra Tree Care, we do more than just trim and remove trees. We are proud to be Loveland’s choice for comprehensive plant health care. In our more than 30 years of industry experience, we’ve realized that many homeowners don’t really know the difference between a licensed arborist and a local “tree guy.” That’s where our blog comes into play. We invite you to check out these posts and learn about how hiring an arborist could, ultimately, save your tree.

  1. Deep Tree Root Fertilization: What You Need to Know

    Trees are a critically under-appreciated aspect of our natural environment. However, they really stand out with importance when they surround and sit within human infrastructure. Whether it's a crowded sidewalk that is peppered with beautiful Aspens, or a neighborhood street that showcases a hallway…Read More

  2. What is “Plant Health Care”?

    When we hear the words “health care”, we might think of a hospital, or insurance, or even politics. And understandably so, as health care for people within a society is a critical feature, and one that citizens are rightfully aware and concerned about, as it will determine the ease, the efficien…Read More

  3. Your Loveland Spring Tree Care Checklist

    As winter slowly draws to an end, it is time to start thinking about your trees and shrubs — and more importantly what you can do to ensure their healthy transition into the warmer summer months.  Here in the Northern Colorado area, our winters are particularly mild. That said, we still experienc…Read More

  4. How to Help Your Trees & Shrubs Recover From Heavy Snow & Ice

    If you live in Northern Colorado, you likely have come to terms with the fact that it snows over a foot two to three times a year. That said, when you think about these large storms, the first thing that you usually think of is how hard it will be to dig out your car and commute to work. Seldom do y…Read More

  5. man cutting tree

    What Other Have To Say About Our Loveland Tree Services

    So you’ve looked into your backyard only to notice that your trees are starting to look a little overgrown, cluttered, and in some cases — dead. At this point, you have likely decided that sometime in the near future, you might have to schedule a tree services appointment with a local tree care …Read More

  6. 10 Signs That It’s Time To Have Your Tree Pruned

    When people think of tree trimming, they tend to think of it as a tree care service that is purely used for aesthetics. While yes, pruning your trees is sure to have you Northern Colorado yard looking sharp. There are many more benefits to having a tree service provider like us, here at Schra Tree C…Read More

  7. Fall & Winter Watering: Northern Colorado Watering Information

    Summer is a tough time in Northern Colorado. Some years, rain comes often. Others, however, rain might be hard to come by. Because of the historic fluctuations in precipitation that we experience, cities all over Northern Colorado have created water regulations that clearly define when your sprinkle…Read More

  8. Why Tree Removal Is Important

    When we talk to people about the tree services that we provide to the people of Northern Colorado, the one service of ours that people have the most questions about is our tree removal services.  Sure, it can seem unnatural to remove a tree from your property, but there are plenty of reasons that j…Read More

  9. Why DIY Tree Care Isn’t Worth The Risk

    When people think of tree care, here in Northern Colorado, they tend to think of clipping a few branches here and there or maybe sometimes borrowing the neighbor's extendable branch saw to cut a larger branch that is out of reach.  While yes, tree care is oftentimes a simple Sunday morning chore, w…Read More

  10. Your Loveland Arborist’s Spring Tree Service Checklist

    Winter has finally passed and you know what that means — it is time to get your yard in order. Luckily, the Front Range weather is still trying to decide if it is going to act like spring weather or summer weather, so you still have time to get your yard in order before it is time for cookouts and…Read More