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For many homeowners in Fort Collins, the plant nature that surrounds them in their home provides a necessary ambience to their living situation and their property.

For many homeowners in Fort Collins, the plant nature that surrounds them in their home provides a necessary ambience to their living situation and their property. Whether its big expansive tree branches being rustled by a summer breeze, leaves changing colors with the season, or even just a wall of shrubs that gives you some privacy on your front porch, the variety and beauty of plant life that surrounds your home is a major contributor to your property aesthetic and your personal living experience. But like all beautiful and natural things in the world, sometimes they need a bit of care for us to keep benefiting from their beauty and presence.

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That's where Schra Tree Care of Loveland and Fort Collins comes into the picture. We understand the beauty and importance that plant, and tree life contribute to your property, and we also understand the care and diligence required to keep them that way. We have proudly served the Front Range community in Northern Colorado for 35 years, providing an effective combination of experience, compassion, and dedication to our customers. And with almost 60 years of combined experience in tree care services you know that your property and plant life are in good hands. Keep reading to learn about the Tree Care Services we offer to homeowners and property owners in the Fort Collins area, and how you can benefit from our efficacy and efficiency, and dedication to our customers.

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Tree Care in the Fort Collins Climate

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Tree Care in the Fort Collins Climate

While there are a variety of plant and tree care techniques that are utilized in the tree care industry, there are certain aspects to tree health care that revolves around the specific climates and seasonal changes of specific locations. Fort Collins offers a unique climate and combination of seasonal weather changes, which requires a unique form of tree care and experienced arborist professionals like the ones we have at Schra Tree Care. Fort Collins sits near the northern edge of Colorado, and due to its location, it provides a unique combination of weather, altitude, and climate. Like most places in the Rocky Mountain West, Fort Collins experiences all four seasons as winter days can be 60 degrees and sunny, while late spring can bring about seemingly random hailstorms and frost. Due to being right on the edge of both the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, Fort Collins sees both a lot of snow, a lot of sun, and a lot of wind due to the flat landscape.

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For tree care purposes, this can mean a variety of things. The sporadic changes in temperature during seasonal weather can cause some stress to certain tree species, as well as making the soil moisture and temperature somewhat unpredictable. The overall dry climate can be beneficial for trees looking to ward off foliage diseases and rot; however, unexpectedly wet springs like Fort Collins can experience, while beneficial for soil nutrients and basic plant health care, can also open the door for more destructive insects and pests.

For a specific climate that creates specific conditions for your plants and trees, you need a trusted local arborist that knows the local environment, and what is required to get the job done. Schra Tree Care has over 30 years of local experience providing reliable Tree Care Services to homes all around the Front Range, from Loveland to Fort Collins, so you can trust that we know the environment and the tips and tricks for plant and tree health care in Fort Collins.

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Our Tree Care Services

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Plant Health Care

We do not offer tree trimming or removal in Fort Collins.

As you no doubt understand from our modern society, healthcare is a crucial way for everyone to have access to services that are crucial for maintaining their health and keeping them alive. Plant health care is no different. Similarly, to medical doctors with years of experience and training, certified arborists like the ones we have at Schra Tree Care can provide the necessary health services and biological analysis to ensure and cultivate the health of plants, trees, and nature that surrounds your home. These healthcare services are designed to give the trees and plants on your property the optimal conditions and nutrients that help them reach their true potential of beauty and health. Our certified arborists will utilize their depth of background knowledge, local experience, and local biology to give your plants the treatment they need and deserve. And your Fort Collins home will look and feel better for it!

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Tree Sustainability

We do not offer tree trimming or removal in Fort Collins.

Plant health care covers a wide variety of services that support the health of trees around your home, and oftentimes, this type of care is for dealing with infestations or problems that arise. Focusing on sustainability requires a more proactive approach that focuses on not only supporting the health of trees, but extending their life, their positive impact, and the growth of future generations of trees. This is a critical aspect of supporting our environment, both our global environment and the environment directly around our home. This can involve a variety of services, whether it is checking for disease and pest infestation, getting rid of invasive species that can harm the growth of your trees, or simply providing sick trees with the nutrients they need; and we do all of this with a hefty background of arborist knowledge, experience, and local biology that helps us support the sustainability of your trees with the best quality of service possible. See how our Tree Care Sustainability Services can support the health of your Fort Collins flora by giving Schra Tree Care a call today!

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Pest and Disease Control

The plant and tree life that surrounds your property are living organisms, as much as we may not think about it. This means that to an extent, they can suffer forms of disease, infections, and pest infestations that can damage and destabilize them. If left unchecked these diseases can take hold of the entire plant or tree, either killing it slowly from the inside, or destabilizing it to the point where it becomes a ticking time bomb of potential destruction and damage. In Fort Collins especially, the Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle that was discovered in Colorado in 2013, and since then, has been shown to cause incredible amounts of damage to ash trees all over the state and the country. Whether it's the Emerald Ash Borer, another type of pest, or an infectious disease, your plants and trees can suffer from a variety of these plights, and the repercussions can pose a threat or cause damage to your home, your property, and your loved ones. Our team can take care of this type of pest with an incredible piece of equipment called the ArborJet. Get the reliable pest and disease control services you need for your plants and trees, from Schra Tree Care in Fort Collins.

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Deep Root Fertilization - icon.png

Deep Root Fertilization

While there are several Tree Care Services, we offer that are designed to maintain and mitigate the potential disease and damage that can naturally occur against your trees, there are also ways that we can support and cultivate the growth of your trees to improve their health. The erratic weather patterns that are commonplace in Fort Collins and the Front Range area can mean that the proper soil conditions for your trees can be equally as erratic. That's where deep root fertilization comes in. This process involves putting a probe directly down into the soil and injecting the nutrients to make it more accessible to the tree. Over the years, we have perfected our own specialized, 100% organic mix, which helps cultivate the growth of your trees to improve their health and allows them to flourish. So, what are you waiting for? Call your reliable local tree care provider Schra Tree Care today!

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From insects and disease to fertilization, Schra Tree Care can do it all

What Tree Care Services Do I Need?

Determining not only whether or not you need tree care services, but the kind of tree care services you need, is easier said than done. Whether your home is surrounded by a lush forest, or there are simply one or two trees on the edges of your property line, there are a variety of aspects to consider and prioritize regarding what is beneficial to your trees, and how to best allocate your time and money. Keep reading below to get an idea of some things you can do to determine the type of Tree Care Services you need and how Schra Tree Care can provide them for you.

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Walk Your Property

This is by far the easiest way to determine the type of Plant Health Care Services you might need; walk around and take a look! Whether you just moved there, or you have been living there all your life, a quick walk around your property can give you an idea of all the trees and plants that are on your property, and which ones you should keep an eye on. Many homeowners in Fort Collins have large trees directly next to their homes; these trees are important to keep an eye on for any potential signs of disease, or destabilization.

You also may want to consider the kind of aesthetic you want for the exterior of your property. Maybe there is a wall of shrubbery that you would like maintained in order to preserve some natural privacy; whatever it may be, you are the best resource for understanding what you want from your property, and how surrounding trees and plant life will play or not play into those ideas. A walk around your property can provide you with the information required to request the Tree Care Services that you need.

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Do Research on Local Species

While nobody really expects you to become a highly experienced arborist or tree care specialist overnight, you can learn quite a bit about the local tree species in your area, as well as the tree species in your yard by some simple internet research. It might seem boring, but it can offer some important insight on specific issues or concerns to watch out for that are specific to the species of plant and tree on your property. For example, the Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle that was discovered in Colorado in 2013, and has been known to cause irreversible infestation and damage to ash trees not only in Colorado, but across the whole country. While it would be very difficult to discover the infestation, let alone deal with it without proper experience, even just knowing whether or not you have ash trees in your backyard could make the difference. With a trusted local tree service provider like Schra Tree care, you can rest assured that we are up-to-date on our local alerts and tree species, but it won't help to brush up on it yourself!

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Why Choose Schra Tree Care?

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When it comes to quality Plant Health Care Services in your area and their importance to your property and the community, you only want the best. That's why Schra Tree Care takes great pride in our standards, and our history; we have served Fort Collins, Loveland, and the entire Front Range Community with high-quality Local Tree Care Services for over three decades. We take every precaution on every job we do to ensure the safety of you, your property, and your loved ones. We have over six decades of combined tree and plant health care experience on our team, which means that we have seen it all, and we are prepared for it all. That's a lot of decades of providing high-quality Local Tree Care Services, so you know you are in good hands. Give us a call today and see how Schra Tree Care can serve your needs!

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